Roselli Stuccoarte is a company with expertise of the highest quality of the Italian craftsmanship.
We create decorative works combined with innovative and luxurious finishes. 
We are using natural products and maintaining the ancient art techniques.



Italian technique


Natural plastering

Millenia of history

Grey marble & white stones


Terrazzo technique


Natural paint

Healthy walls

25 years of passion....

Since a young age I have  been fascinated from artistic techniques of all kinds.
 In fact what impresses me most is what the hands of a skilled craftsman is capable to create. 
Skills, knowledge, passion, imagination & commitment are definitely the essential elements for achieve the art of craft.
Art Which turn into visual poetry speaking the secret language of the soul and pleases the emotions.
Which will reward with joy and satisfaction the artist and those who admires the artwork.

We call artists not just those who create art,
But also those who enjoiy art,
Those who are able to bring back to life and evaluate whit senses the artistic creations.
Gustav Klimt


Collaboration & partnership

Stuccoarte is in collaboration with http://tadelakt.dk/