Carlo Roselli

history, philosophy, experience

L`arte dello Stucco

This text represents the attempt to make accessible what for a long time could only be transmitted through example, without theoretical and historical basis.
Going deeper into the theme also from a historical as well as technical point of view, is instead a necessary step to start a process of cultural recovery of an increasingly rare art.

Title Book. L´Arte dello Stucco di Mario Fogliata


Born in Naples, Italy in 1977.
I grow up in south Italy surrounded of great art and history. 
Naples has experienced many types of civilisations.
From the Etruscan, Arab,Greeks,Romans and many others…

It is still possible today to visit and admire different epoch style scattered around the country.
Including the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Greek & the Arabic style, which are the main stylistic components that form the Mediterranean style and influencing present days in the contemporary art.

For example the frescoes, stucco & decorations,
situated in the archaeological remains of Pompeii, Herculaneum and many others sites. they have  always  fascinated and inspired me.

The works at that time were all made with natural local materials. Materials such as  lime, earth pigments, clay, stones, marble etc..
The amazing thing is that many works of art, are still intact, and some works are almost unchanged after two thousand years of history.


My interest is to revalued the techniques and materials from the past. I believe all this ancient knowledge and valuable information should not be lost. It would be a shame for our history  &  cultural identity. It is s a great gift of the our  historical Heritage, If that would be lost, it will become indecipherable hard to redo for the future generations craftsmans.

The natural materials have always been the main ingredients for create sustainable buildings. Privileging beauty & charm, creating Feng Shui and healthy environments.
The natural materials they Have excellence quality such as high resistance capacity over time and a very low impact of the environment.


At the young age of 17 my  journey begins.
I started as an apprentice under the guidance of Enzo Tedesco. An esteemed Master of plastering and decorator.  I had been working with Enzo several years. Mostly in private homes in south Italy, in historical villas on the island Capri & along the coast of Amalfi. 

At the age of 25 I started my own company “Roselli Decorazioni”. During the years I have been working in collaboration with different architects, whom hired me for different decorations projects. In particular for works at the island of Capri.

In 2002 I worked two year on a huge restoration and artistic recovery project in  The monastery of Avellino, Italy. There I learned how to restore decorative stucco and worked with gold leaf applied at stucco.

In 2010 I decided to close my company for travelling the world.
For several years I lived in Spain and southern Morocco. I lived in ecological communities (eco villages) Where I had a deep and direct contact with nature and the sustainable way of living. I took part in natural construction projects, working with natural materials such as  clay, straw,  earth, wood, etc. Moreover I learned how to take cares of our nature and growing organic food.

In the 2014 I came to Denmark where I am still established.
I live on the island of Bornholm. Here I have  my home, office & workshop.
In Denmark I started my new Company – Roselli StuccoArte.
I work and i am engaged in the whole Scandinavian area & the rest of the World.

Frequently I participate in workshops in Italy where  I have different collaborations and trading contacts with the most validated masters decorators.To name a few;
Master of the  technique in venetian marmorino & pastellone Giovanni Polistena. Also he is  the chief of  Stuccoitaliano with the headquarters in Vicenza.  Thanks to Giovanni and under his guidance I developed my Stucco Venetian & Pastellone technique.
The tadelakt Master Nino Longhitano who have a great knowledge of natural products and restoration on historic buildings. Nino is also the creator of Athena art in Turin. Thanks to Nino I came to master the ancient tadelakt technique. 

Currently my main passion and interest is focused on the   development plastering which reproduce the real look of  natural stones. combining the old techniques with the new one. For giving life to new visual and tactile natural  materials.

I believe there is always new ways to learn and discover. This is the pleasure that keeps the spirit and the passion alive.