Private home–  top kitchen wall made in pastellone added black ebano marble and different earth pigments. 

ILLum Shopping Mall. Copenaghen.  Japanese plastering on 450 square meters walls. working in collaboration with stuccoatelier.Dk

Private villa, Copenaghen.  Exterior walls made in Marmorino Veneziano. color in light grey.working in collaboration with Giovanni Polistena.Stuccoitaliano Italy

Private home – a floor made in pastellone added different kind of tiny stones. 

Private home –  shower cabin made in Pastellone with different kind of marble dust & earth pigments.

Private Villa – walls in a bathroom & a shower cabin made in marmorino carrara coloured with brownish earth pigment.

Private home – bathroom made in white pastellone and a finishing treatment with flaxseed oil and pure beeswax.

Private home – kitchen top wall  made with pastellone,  grey vicenza marble and natural gold mica flakes in different sizes.

Private Villa – walls made in marmorino veneziano and creamy pink earth pigments. 

Private home – stucco veneziano in fine coloured earth pigment ultramarine blu, finished with natural beeswax.

Private home – wall made in natural plastering  with a rustic look & a bathroom painted with chalkpaint.

Private Home. walls and chimney made in rustik stuccolustro style

Plastering Gallery

Added different earth pigments with the use of special tools for obtaining different effects. Materials in use are  marmorino & pastellone.

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