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Pastellone is an ancient technique almost disappeared.

Pastellone is used as the application of the classic Venetian Marmorino onto floors.
Examples can be found in the many historical buildings in Venice. Unlike resin or other synthetic and cementitious floors, pastellone is made with hydraulic lime and natural powders of marble.

Pastellone has a smooth, lightly polished finish which has a transparent look.
The technique for applying pastellone is an art, depending of the ability of the craftsman to apply the pastellone  with the metal trowel. The composition of the pastellone allows to obtain a completely waterproof surface. In fact it is also possible to make shower niches, washbasins, tubs & complete bathrooms).

Works made with pastellone


Patellone is ideal for a minimalist environment because of its smooth, uninterrupted continuity.
This natural marmorino is suitable for any area: bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, hallways or bedrooms.

Endless effects adding stones and earth pigments

  • Graniglia

    black & white marble

  • Giallo Verona

    Black ebano & Giallo vicenza

  • Ercolaneum

    Chamotte e black marble

  • Ebano

    Black stones & Grey marble

  • Grey Vicenza

    Grey vicenza marble stones

  • Terra rossa

    Chamotte & Ebano stones

  • Micha Gold

    Grey Marble & Micha gold

  • Terra Bruna

    Chamotte & grey marble

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