Natural living is the key to the future.

More and more likes to minimise the damage caused to the environment by the production and use of the toxic and artificial products in our private homes, offices and public institutions. People wants to protect their health and wellbeing.
People wants to feel connected to what was and has diminished  while looking and living in a sustainable future.
In order to accomplish this we need an alternative to our higly processed, pre-packaged lives in
separation from the natural enviroment.

Natural paint are made largely from renewable raw materials such as plant oils, natural earths, clay, chalk, lime, etc.
The ingredients are much less processed, using soft technology. The results are less waste, energy consumption and pollution.
The final waste products are highly biodegradable.

Using natural products are embracing the heritage of decorating, acknowledging and appreciating our past and heritage.
Modern day gives the ideal opportunity to combine the traditional expertise with the very best of the modern production technique.

Lime paint & lime wash

The binder in lime paint is hydraulic lime which is supplied in poweder form.
It is produced from a form of lime stone that contains some clay.
When mixed with water it becomes a paint.
(as distinct from lime wash which is made from lime putty).
Both  lime paint and lime wash have mild antiseptic and insect-repellent qualities providing a vapour permeable finish that allows buildings to breathe and prevents problems such as damp, condensation and mould growth. 

Hemp lime paint

Hemp lime paint is a wall paint based on aged slaked lime and hemp essential oil. Breathable and anti-mold.
After the application, with a process called carbonation, a very thin film is formed composed of birefringent calcite microcrystals. This process gives the surfaces particular reflections of light and a valuable aesthetic value.
The essential oil of sativa hemp improves the applicability characteristics and fights mold and bacteria.
Hemp lime paint has  a calming, relaxing and rebalancing feeling. A clean, fresh and herbaceous aroma, which makes staying in the room immediately comfortable.

Silicate paint

Mineral silicate paint penetrate the mineral substrate onto which they are applied. Such as renders and concrete. It is forming a permanent, long lasting chemical crystalline bond with the substrate.
The result is a highly durable connection between the paint coat and substrate.
The water glass binding agent is highly resistant to UV light.
While dispersions based on acrylate or silicone resin over the years tend to grow brittle, chalky, and crack under UV light, the inorganic binder water glass remains stable.
The chemical fusion with the substrate and the UV stability of the binder are the fundamental reasons for the extraordinarily high life time of silicate paints.

Linseed oil paint

Linseed oil paint is a traditional material still manufactured in Scandinavia. It is a solvent-free, paint made from Linseeds oil and natural pigments that does not trap moisture which can lead to paint failure and extensive degradation caused by fungi and bacteria. Linseed oil is ideal for old homes with many wood surfaces and has a wide range of applications, including metal as it is a natural rust inhibitor.
Linseed oil paint can be used on exterior and interior surfaces, including siding, porches, windows, trim, etc. The key to the effectiveness of this product is a natural machining process which is creating a natural wood preservative with superior moisture and UV light protection for long-term results.
Linseed oil paint  has low maintenance. It do not peels and do not need to be scraped off in the future. It represents an enormous cost savings over time and much better coverage than conventional toxic paints.
Linseed oil paint has almost twice the optimal coverage than of the conventional acrylic paint. Dry time  is slower than the plastic paint, which also is why it is lasting so much longer.
Linseed oil paint will provide exponential results in the long run.

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