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The Tadelakt is a Moroccan decorative technique that has its origins from ancient craft traditions.
Tadelakt allows the realisation of the natural decorative finish. An ending of great value for bathrooms, kitchens, internal and external walls, fountains and element for furniture. Tadelakt have a beautiful and estetical appearance.

The original technique is realized with the hydraulic lime derived from marine sediments in ancient wood-fired furnaces of Marrakech, Morocco. Therefore the obtained lime is totally natural. It is applied without any of the addition of aggregates and adhesives of any kind.

The characteristics of the tadelakt are unique in the world. Its effects are original, unique and three-dimensional. All manufacturing processes are completely natural and environmentally sustainable.

Works made with tadelakt

Tadelakt makes a stylish alternative to traditional tiles in ex. bathrooms and kitchens.
The Tadelakt allows beautiful finish by the extraordinary visual results.
Thanks to the natural resistance to weather and water its main use remains the realisation of  bathrooms, including remodelling, kitchen, tables, swimming pools & saunas.  
Tadelakt is a material with multiple uses both indoor and outdoor. Walls, floors, washbasins… imaginable in endless uses.

Tadelakt is water and  scratch resistant. Hard and durable.


Walls are the more widespread use of the original tadelakt. A traditional technique, where the colouring is made by the pigments presented in the actual country. The passage of stones walls from the river gives the characteristic “dynamic” that distinguishes the original Tadelakt. Thanks to its 100% natural composition that does not use and allows the use of chemical or synthetic materials. The innate bactericidal qualities, makes this amazing decorative technique is ideal for the creation of healthy environments in the most beautiful ways.


Tadelakt is an extremely wear resistant material and  for this reason is also suitable in flooring.

Tadelakt derives from hydraulic lime stones which by means of a machining process involving boiling in order for reducing powder which allowing the application. Once the material hardens the surface becomes hard as stones.


The washbasin are complementary an element of the house both in and outside. Thanks to the innate impermeability tadelakt located among the most common uses in the creation of elements being in continuous contact with water such as swimming pools, tubs and the washbasins. Thanks to the resistance and the unique appearance, the washbasins made in tadelakt stands as a great alternative to the ordinary sink in the bathroom ceramics. It can also be used to create washbasins in other rooms such as the kitchen and the scullery.

Shelves & furnitures

With tadelakt it is possible to design personal libraries, shelves, tables ,desks and racks. Tadelakt is almost endless at the home decoration and design of furnishings. The combinations of colours and shapes who is possible to design are endless.

Tadelakt finds multiple uses besides the furnishing elements of the house. Thanks to the strong personality that tadelakt donate even the smallest objects. 


Stairs are another item that can be customized using the original Tadelakt. As already mentioned about  floors, tadelakt is an extremely wear resistant material, very similar to stones. For this reason it can also be an engaging elements of the daily uses. Still not widespread in western homes, but all over in Morocco one find numerous examples of grand and majestic staircases made with this technique. 

Original Tadelakt courses certificate
L’Atelier Decoration of Turin ,Italy

Metting with the Maters

Nino Longhitano  & Carlo Roselli

My great luck was to  learned the original tadelakt technique through the teaching by the Italian Master Nino Longhitano.
Nino Longhitano preserves the ancient artisan techniques which using only natural materials.
Nino have a huge knowledge and long experience as the master decorator.
Under Ninos guidance I have mastered  the ancient art of the tadelakt.

Stuccoarte is in collaboration with http://tadelakt.dk/

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