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Magnesite is both luxus and durable.

Magnesite is a terrazzo technique used since Roman times.
In fact, the 16th century Venetian floor is still well preserved, showing only the value of this procedure.

With Magnesite you can get a beautiful Venetian terrazzo floor with a thickness of only 10 mm.

Magnesite is a historical material that celebrates something interested in events of the cheap synthetic cement.
Now Magnesite is aware again because it is exceptionally hard, beautiful and environmentally friendly with its many opportunities to create unique and personal styles.

The composition of magnesite floors is magnesium oxide combined with a stronger solution of magnesium chloride to form magnesium oxychloride. This binder can be combined with sand, gravel and dye to form what appears to be a colored concrete floor. Or when there are marble tile additions, it will look like a terrazzo floor.

Example of magnesite patterns

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