It was a pleasure to work with carlo,
Carlo is careful and fast craftsman, with the typical practical sense of the Italian artisans.

Master Giovanni Polistena

- StuccoItaliano - Italy

Carlo made a sublime piece of crafts in our house on Strandvejen 69 in Allinge.

This is a bathroom, kitchen and a basement floor made of tadelakt.

Carlo is aware of the small details and ensures that the work is done to perfection.

We are very pleased with the result.

Nils Bradtberg and Anna-Bertha Heeris Christensen -Denmark

Carlo has carried out my special wishes openly and delivered a beautiful work. He is nice to have in the house and has complied with our appointments throughout.

Kirsten søde - Denmark

Carlo did a marvellous job on our bathroom. The walls shine with pleasent milk white color and the corners are beautifully roundly shaped. for the price, this finish simply unbeatable! i can nothing but recommend Carlo and the unique technique of  Stucco

Jon Munchpetersen - Denmark

Was a great pleasure to work in collaboration with you Carlo, you are very skilled in apply stucco. looking forward for future project collaboration 🙂

Master - Chaterine Asbech


I wanted a mirrored staircase in deep sea blue and with shades that could reflect in the sunlight.
That task did stucco-art V / Carlo Roselli SO well!
I am very fond of my Marmorino Veneziano wall in azure.

Alette Franch - Denmark

Carlo Roselli has done painting work for us in the summer of 2018
outdoors at our 50m2 cottage built in wood (1983).
After agreed, fine work on the south end, we asked Carlo to paint
the remaining gable and the sides to the north and west.
Now the house is new again in its fine, dark blue special color.
We are extremely pleased with the collaboration with Carlo Roselli.
The work is extremely professional. Completed
careful coverage, the work is done on time and for it
agreed (reasonable) price. Carlo Roselli has been extremely flexible,
as regards the use of existing paints and extra work,
and he has come up with constructive suggestions.
We have come to know Carlo Roselli as a reliable and very kind person
master. We give him the warmest recommendations and will if necessary
happy to enter with him again.

Birgitte Klingsey - Jens Møller Bølshavn 18 B, 3740 Svaneke. Drosselvej 27, 2000 Frederiksberg

We made a wall along the kitchen table. We wanted something that was easy to clean as well as it should
match our kitchen table. Roselli suggested pastelone done so it appears like granite and then
plastered and polished. We got some gold flakes in the mix so the wall is now like a piece of marble taken
from the Taj Mahal in India. Next time, we will have made our bathroom in tadelact, like a hammam
in Moroccco 🙂 1000 thanks Carlo.

Else Magrete - København

Carlo Roselli has twice done repairs and painted our half-timbered house. We have been extremely pleased with the work and it has been a pleasure to have him around the house.

Toril Kristensen, Svaneke

Recommendation for Roselli Carlo Date October 2018.

We have, from Byg Grunt's side, used Carlo for div. tasks within the painting profession.
Carlo is an extremely energetic and professionally competent person who has managed to
maintain the broad overview of the stressful situations he has been offered
the period with us.
Furthermore, Carlo has a commitment far beyond the ordinary. He is a
very sociable person where there is never far for a smile or a good one
commentary, and therefore works, among other things, extremely well in a working group.
Carlo is very conscientious and will do everything he can to fulfill them
tasks he is faced with.
We can only give the absolute best recommendations for any future
Should there be any information you may be missing, you are of course welcome to
contact below on tel. 52107082 or e-mail kim@byg-groent.dk.

Kim Hansen Build Green 

"Great work, beautiful and very artistic work in stuccolustra style. Carlo was a professional to work with,
and the result is extremely satisfactory. The walls and chimneys have become as beautiful as they could be, I enjoy them every day ".


Lulu Faber

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